What's Yummy This Week - YumSugar Weekly Recap


β€’ The Emmys are tomorrow night, find out what the stars are eating afterwards.

β€’ Happy Jewish New Year! Now you can learn all about the symbolism behind Rosh Hashanah food.

β€’ FabSugar helped us scope out the backstage treats at Alice + Olivia, and tipped us off to the trendy Pop Burgers everyone's noshing on.

β€’ Rachael Ray is looking for the next celebrity chef.

β€’ Speaking of celebrity chefs, Anthony Bourdain was a guest judge on a surprising new episode of Top Chef.

β€’ And while we're on the topic of Top Chef, check out our quick chat with season two winner Ilan Hall.

β€’ If fried dough sounds too sinful, give baked doughnuts a try instead.

β€’ This week I opted for old school flavored nilla wafers and banana ice cream sandwichees.

β€’ Party went off to Spain and ended up planning an impromptu concert. Take her tips and you can do it too!

β€’ If a foreign adventure is not in your future, how about making room for a chocolate one.

β€’ Love a great steak? How about one that's been made into a wig?

β€’ Test your knowledge on milkshakes and apples!

β€’ I love corn chowder! Here's a beginner and expert way to make it.

β€’ And finally, I'm not crying, I'm just making a lasagna... for one.

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