What the ... Fur Helmets!


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Fashion rarely surprises me, I mean the couture world does some wild things none of which are wearable outside of a runway show.

So was I scared or shocked when I saw Prada's Fall/ Winter 2006runway show fully equipped with fur helmets?

Nope, not at all.

Know what I am scared of?

How the "main" stream interprets these runway looks...2

Meet these freaky fur helmets by Attila, with prices ranging from $199 to $2,000 you can drape a dead animal on top of your head and look like a complete fool.

Choose between open-mouthed animals or closed-mouthed animals.

Oh and don't forget to choose between "his" and "hers" styles as well- "his" being a full head mount and "hers" being a basic helmet without a tail.

Feeling wild?

Then go for the mohawk variation.

Why on earth do these hats/ helmets exist?

Why hasn't PETA come by with a bucket of red paint to destroy this horrible, horrible "fashion." I can't even dream up a person who could pull this off!

Even Bjork is too good for this monstrosity.


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