7 Ways to Stay Sexy All Summer Long ...


Ways to Stay Sexy All Summer Long seem hard to come by, but there really not. Summer is a fabulous time of year, but like anything else in this world, it doesn't come without a downside. Summer can wreak havoc on your sexiness by causing horrible beauty dilemmas like sweat, callouses, frizz, and melting makeup. Luckily, all those issues are fixable, and a few others that arise during summertime as well. It can be hard finding ways to stay sexy all summer long when you feel sweaty and yucky, but my article will help you get past that! You will be free to enjoy summer with all its GOOD advantages-like the sun, the breeze and the skin-showing off possibilities when you read my article on 7 ways to stay sexy all summer long.

1. Stop Smelly Pits

News Flash: Sweat isn't your only enemy when it comes to smelly pits. Your underarms contain a mixture of bacteria, dead cells, and sweat. You have to battle against all three to stay smelling sweet! But don't panic-it can be done! The best way to stay sexy all summer long is to start in the shower by washing with an anti-bacterial soap and sloughing dead cells out of your armpits with and exfoliator. When you get out of the shower, make sure to dry your armpits really well. Moisture is a big culprit to encouraging sweaty, smelly pits! Finally, apply a deodorant that does double duty work right away to plug those sweat glands.

2. Fight off Frizz

Want to know a secret?

The first step to tamer, frizz-free stresses isn't in that bottle of anti-frizz serum.

It's in a trim!

Frayed ends are more likely to go all fuzzed up than freshly trimmed and tamed ones.

It's actually easier for humidity to enter a porous strand of hair and cause it to swell then it is when your hair is well taken care of and healthy.

So get a trim and keep those ends smooth and sleek!

Also, don't skip conditioner in the summer time.2

Conditioner will also help fight frizz in a huge way.2

Banish a Sweaty Body
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