19 Ways to Increase Sexual Tension between You and Your Crush ...


When you're crushing on someone and you're pretty sure they like you back, you enter a new realm of the dating game.

Now, you want to create a bit of tension – of the sexual variety, of course – so you can kind of test the chemistry between the two of you.

Here are some great ways to increase sexual tension between you and your crush, that will definitely let you know if you two would make a good match.

1. Ferocious Flirting

Flirting is a great way to let someone know you're interested.2

It's also a great way to increase sexual tension between you and your crush.

You can take your flirting up a notch, and get a little more outrageous.

You don't have to get dirty;

in fact, subtlety is apt to take you much further.

Sexual tension revolves around subtlety – as you will see.

2. Touch and Go

Touching is a fantastic way to create sexual tension.

Again, you don't have to go over the top – and indeed, you shouldn't.

It isn't necessary to grope your crush at all, because once more, that's not subtle.

However, fingers along his or her cheek or jaw or through the hair, a finger against his or her mouth, even laying a hand on your crush's shoulder will all telegraph your interest … and create a definite spark.

3. Texting

Texting is a big new way to increase sexual tension between you and your crush.

Now, I'm not talking about sexting here – if you're just crushing on someone, you definitely don't want to go that far.2

However, you can take flirting to a new level through texts, because it's often easier to be a little bolder over a written medium.

Face to face, you can get shy, but you can get feistier over text messages – as long as you keep it tasteful!

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