Vans Skulls and Paisley


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I must have worn right through the soles of my old black and white checkered Vans.

Holy crap was I the coolest kid in my entire mind.

I had those sunglasses with the little piece of pleather in the corners for maximum shade as well as the ultimate in limited visibility.

I had my Ramones concert shirt, despite never having seen anyone other than Rick Springfield and REO Speedwagon in person (not together, man, that would have been a ticket!).

I was cool, maybe even reckless, and everyone knew it.

They saw it on my feet.

So I suffered from disillusions of grandeur.

It happens.

I think Vans is about to send a whole new generation on a similar path, one filled with cool buzzes and tasty waves.

The new Paisley Skull Slip-On almost demands it.

The shoes come in 3 colors according to Ripe, at least that's what I think it says.

Skulls and paisley, what's not to like?

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