Watch out! Top 5 Weirdest Sexual Things Men Want Us to do

Variety definitely adds spice to a couple's sexual relationship.  Just imagine how ho-humm things would be in the bedroom if you're always insisting on doing the missionary position with your significant other.

But what if your guy wants to do something really kinky has compiled for us girls a list of the all-time favorite "mattress moves" from guys aged 20 up.

From getting him all riled up, feisty foreplays, getting it-own, all-the-way-down-there up to getting all kinky -the list gives us a preview of what #men really want.

Here are the top 5 kinkiest moves which (some) guys love:

5. "My #ex would meet me at the local drive bars and pull me into the restroom for raunchy, against-the-wall sex."
- Max 21

OMG, I feel sorry for this guy! Instead of having raunchy, against-the-wall sex, he's bound to have some really shitty sex in a dirty public restroom -where some burly guy's bound to throw him and his #girlfriend out the minute that they start moaning! Good luck with that!

4. "Never underestimate the power of stilettos. You don't even have to walk around in them… just have your way with me while wearing them."
- Victor, 25

I am sooo familiar with that stilettos scenario -this is real life, not a porn film, buster!

3. "This chick leaned against the dresser and stuck her butt out for doggie-style. I definitely obliged."
- Glenn, 23

I am definitely cringing at the mere mention of the word 'doggie' when it's in the same sentence as sex. No, thanks!

2.  "Have me lie on my stomach, then wet the skin below my #butt with your tongue. Blow on it."

- Beckett, 33

Lol, crazy Beckkett, do you have any idea how long my tongue would have to be so that I can do that???

1.  "News flash: Guys have nipples, too, and they're a lot more sensitive than you'd think.  Graze mine with your teeth while your hand teases my package."
- Rory, 21

 This is one suggestion I wouldn't mind trying, Raawrr-y!!!

Well, I think Cosmo tried to be as appropriate as possible, making that list of weird #things, cause in real life, when it comes to men, sex and thier fantasies, they are WAY, WAY weirder than blowing on ones nipples!

Here are a few TRULY Weird Sexual Things Men Want Us to Do accoring to our reader and a real sex expert Emily:

‘BDSM’, stands for any variation of terms including:

BONDAGE: being tied up, gagged, etc.

DOMINATION / DISCIPLINE: being commanded to perform sex acts by partners, orgasm denial, etc.

SADISM / SUBMISSION: violence incorporated to achieve orgasm, giving partner partial to full control of sex act, being ‘used’, etc.

MASOCHISM: Self harm during sex acts (ie; cutting, auto-erotic asphyxiation, etc.)

It’s really all about what boundaries of trust and pain you and your #partner are willing to test or break.

Foot (or other) fetishism

Sorry, I don't get it. Not that I wouldn't oblige if he was in to it but I personally fail to understand the allure of feet.

Watching cartoon/overly violent/bestiality/etc. themed pornography

Again, I just don't get how one can be turned on by it. I knew a #guy who watched particularly violent anime porn religiously and I was WAY turned off, but 'to each his own'.

‘Weird’ insertions

Anything and #everything from food to metal objects to candles, etc (and in a personal case, my own thong) can be used to enhance the sex act. This goes for both partners, not just the ladies.

Using sex toys on men

Most #women I know who have been confronted with this are horrified and turned off. Nice double standard girls. You can have a pocket vibe, a ten inch dildo and a 'Rabbit' but he shouldn't have porn let alone a sex toy. Not fair, work on being more accepting as it is a big step for a #man to admit to it in the first place.
Other weird things are coprophilia/Urolagnia, rape fantasies etc.

Do you guys know other weird things men like in bed?  If so, do share!