2. "Does My past Bother You?"

By this question, I'm not saying that you have to spill your guts about your entire past to your love interest. Some things are better left unsaid between two people, especially when it comes to personal relationships of the past. Bringing things like this up does nothing but create hard feelings for someone you've never met, and work to make you a very jealous person.

On the flip side of this, there are some things about your past that you need to be open and honest about with your possible future spouse. Things like abuse in your past, for instance, can still affect your ability to fully give yourself in a relationship, therefore, making it something that needs to be talked about before it creates problems. Another thing I personally think is important is, if you were sexually promiscuous, you should be tested for STD's and talk about the results of these tests with your significant other. Things like this can not only devastate your own life, but also the life of your partner, so please, talk about these things in your past.

"do We Respect Each Other?"
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