The 'That Hairband Looks Stupid' End of Day Recap


Hayden Panettiere was at an MTV Awards after party wearing a stupid hairband. That is all.

• Drunken Stepfather: Brooke Hogan performs in retarded jeans because she’s a retard. Retard.

• Bastardly: Britney Spears shops for picture frames for her dimply ass.

• Celebitchy: Oprah Winfrey’s dad said he should have beat her more

• Fleshbot: Minister’s 1 hour a week porn addiction ruined his marriage (Site NSFW)

• ASL: Heidi and Spencer Are As Fake As Her Ta-Tas

• Celebslam: Rihanna likes white dudes

• CityRag: Cisco Adler’s Balls Live!

• SOW: Jericho may stage a comeback.

• EB: Kate and Owen are over

• TFT: Michelle Marsh And Lindsay Anne Strutt Topless In Loaded Magazine (NSFW)

• DH: Britney Spears to visit Lindsay Lohan at Rehab?

• Toxic Magazine: Kylie Minogue Upskirt? (NSFW)

• AB: Michael Madsen Has A Monkey On His Back

• College Humor: NEGUS! Paris Hilton would love that word. Racist.

• CNW: Megan Fox does GQ

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