So What Did You Get?


Hola Todos!!!

I hope you all had a very good holiday.

I had a very good Christmas.

Looks like my husband was reading my blog.

He got me a few things off of my gift picks and more.2

Here's what I got:

BGBG Girls Brown Ankle Boots- I got some boots very similar to these.2

I will be wearing them under jeans.


Coffee 10 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker- Features include brew strength selector, cleaning cycle, and timer to set when you want your coffee to start brewing.

Philips Digital Audio Player- Holds 460 songs and downloads super fast from computer.

Here's some of what he got:

Unforgivable By Sean John- Cologne that my husband has been asking for for months.

A gift set with 2.5 oz eau de toilette spray and deodorant.

Unforgivable Shower Gel- Good for men on the move.2

Scented with the Unforgivable fragrance.

Clinique Scuffing Lotion- He has really oily skin and this controls excess oil and unclogs pores.

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