So Much for Good Intentions. Keeping Relatively T...


So much for good intentions.

Keeping relatively terse on this subject still for fear of blog-cursing it...

Date with Lit Prof went better than I ever could have hoped. My intentions to go slowly fell spectacularly apart. He left my house at 8pm last night.

I`ll see him again Wednesday. I`m shocked of course-- this really was unexpected. That being said, I`m feeling very good about this. He met my friends on Saturday, and even that went well. So, ya see, I got a second opinion even....Not that that matters at all.

For those of you who are about to toss enormous caveat emptors at me: Yeah, no shit. I`m not a total idiot despite behavior to the contrary. So, please, hold off on your judgment for the moment.

I`m going to stop talking about this before I dissolve into annoying blithering.

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