7 Signs He's Not Cheating ...


We all get a bit paranoid from time to time. Coupled with a bad bout of insecurity, the stresses and pressures of general life can make the world seem like a mean, difficult place, inhabited solely by people who are ‘out to get you.’ If you’re feeling this kind of sensitive to begin with, it’s easy to misinterpret any change in your partner’s routine and take it as confirmation of the worst. To help to reassure you, I’ve done some research and asked around, and compiled a list of 7 signs he’s not cheating.

1. He’s Relaxed and Open about New Friendships and Habits

As a couple, it’s healthy and important to have individual relationships and pursuits. Sometimes, though, a new friend or hobby that leads to alterations in your partner’s regular routine can become a source of anxiety for you: you might begin to wonder exactly who he’s hanging out with at the gym so often, or why he needs to meet that new ‘guy’ for drinks every second evening. Casually ask him about the things that bother you: unless his response is tense and defensive, you’ve more than likely got nothing to worry about.

He’s Still Interested in You
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