5 Secret Rules for a Happy Relationship. Shhh!

Ever since I was a little #girl, I hoped that some day a Prince Charming will come into my life and we will live happily ever after. And he did! But the fairy tale has not quite started right away…

What I did not know was that between the #first kiss and the “happily ever after” there are certain things a woman should learn in order to get that fairy tale rolling.

It can take months or years to discover them, so I thought I would just share this happy relationship secret with you, so that you guys do not waste your time and tears on something that would have never worked.

Back to the secret, here it is - the 5 Secret Rules a woman should follow in order to make her fairy tale happen:

Secret Rule #1:

Tell Him Compliments

They say #women like compliments. What they do not say aloud is that #men LOVE them. And there is nothing to be ashamed of! When it comes to compliments, we all go weak in the knees…

Where do you start? Well, I am sure your #man is great, so there should be thousands of things you can compliment on. Just go with the flow and #compliment on whatever he does!

Something simple like “You always make the best coffee, sweetie” or “What a great idea to park here!” wil be enough to light up your man’s #face. And the best part, is that we actually think that, so basically you just need to say it aloud.

Not only the compliments will make your man happy, but they will also serve as a nice way to change your man’s behavior.

My husband used to be a heavy smoker, instead of nagging him about this habbit, I would just say: “You haven’t smoked for 4 hours, honey, wow, I did not know you had such a great will-power!”. And guess what? He would always last for another couple of hours without a cigarette to impress me, untill he finally kicked that habit!