Horoscope for Thursday, April 20 ...



Don`t lose sight of the main goal, Capricorn.

Do whatever you can in order to keep the promise you made to yourself when you were feeling more positive.

It`s unhealthy to start chanting a litany of failure this early in the game.

The point of it all will come back to you soon enough.

Take baby steps until you are able to see the finish line.

Once you see where you need to be, it will be easier to build up the necessary speed.


You don`t need the spotlight in order to be at your socializing best.

In fact, you are usually much more successful at meeting potential friends when you are deep in the background or flying below the radar.

One of your greatest strengths is your ability to get the party started so that you can thrive in your obscurity.

Stay aware of the way in which this power turns perfect strangers into the best of friends.

Stay abreast of anyone who wants to drag you out of the wings to the center of the stage.


There is a big difference -- if not a yawning chasm -- between your outer reality and your inner reality.

If you were to conduct a scientific test of your environment, you`d probably find that very little has changed recently.

If you were to measure the sunshine in your soul, however, that would be a different story!

Go ahead and let your optimistic approach change your environment in profound ways.

Dare to see beauty where everyone else sees the same old pile of ashes.

β™ˆοΈ ARIES

It`s your turn to shine, Aries.

This is the day during which you have an incredible opportunity to make your mark on the world.

At least that`s how it feels, and positive thinking can take you to some very lofty places.

Your self-confidence convinces others that you must be doing something right.

Even if you`re just faking it, no one else is the wiser.

Try to stay on this road -- wherever it takes you -- for as many miles as possible.


You can learn a lot by looking at past mistakes.

Replay your last move in slow motion.

There`s plenty of time to mull it over, Taurus -- ignore the general urgency that is conveyed by other people`s dirty looks.

It`s much easier to fix your mistakes as you go rather than doing it all at once when you reach the end.

You favor accurate predictions over suspenseful scenarios right now.

If you get the opportunity, try to help someone who isn`t getting the full picture.


Nothing is impossible right now.

Even the ordinary seems extraordinary when it crosses your path.

The focus of the day is on quality rather than quantity.

You can look forward to having a short, intense encounter with someone unforgettable.

All human energy is electric and priceless these days.

This is a good time to start keeping a notebook of your experiences, even if your retelling seems only a pale shadow.

You don`t want to omit memories like this from your life`s resume.


Why are you looking for trouble, Cancer?

If you insist on peeking into forbidden territory, prepare to be upset.

If this is a sensitive issue for the people involved, leave well enough alone.

Do your best not to dwell on the circumstances that leave you feeling powerless.

Focus exclusively on the things that you`re still able to fix.

You do have some say in the matter, but you might have to wait your turn until you`re permitted to actually voice your opinion.

β™ŒοΈ LEO

Concentrating on anything heavy isn`t what you have in mind for the day.

Set aside any work to which you can`t give your full attention.

Your focus of the moment seems to be on play and pleasure.

As the Moon begins to leave its current Sign, you have far too much energy to exhaust the possibilities that life has to offer.

This is a great time to spend time with people who are younger than you.

A child can bring a lot of joy into your life right now.


There`s no need to go into an hour-long dissertation of the reasons behind your actions, Virgo.

State your case once and only once, and stick to the facts.

Right now, others won`t be moved by repetition alone.

If you want the verdict to swing your way, you`ll have to come up with a better approach.

Restrict all violent physical activities to the gym or wherever you work out.

You have to handle this on your own -- and in a peaceful manner.


Take some time to prioritize the things that are important in your life.

Choosing between your partner and your career should be an easy decision.

You might not know what you have until it`s gone, Libra.

If you value it at all, try to hang onto what you have.

Replacements may not be found as easily as they once were.

When in danger of slipping into a selfish mood, remember that the best currency is intangible -- information, wisdom and compassion are valued highly and dispensed freely.


You thought you had everything under control, but one by one, things are slipping out of your hands.

The current Moon Sign can be disruptive if you let it, Scorpio.

For the rest of the day, try to avoid arguments and other conflicts of will.

Be open to reconciliation even if you don`t have the stomach to make the first move.

You`re going to have to put your ego aside if you want any of this to work.

It`s a much smaller price to pay than you think it is.


Why stop now when you`re so close to the finish line?

If you`re going to do half the job, you could push just a little harder and get the whole thing taken care of.

As the Moon makes its way out of its current Sign, you have enough energy to keep going.

If you need help, just ask.

Others will understand immediately if you stop to explain.

Two heads are much better than one right now.

Open the door a little wider to let romance enter tonight.

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