Some Big Differences Between Men and Women



With articles such as some big differences between men and women you have to allow for the fact that we are generalising so please do not get annoyed if none of this seems to fit you or your partner!

Please also allow for the fact that over the past many years I have helped hundreds if not thousands of couples become happier and in some cases prevented them from splitting up by pointing out some of the things which separate males from females and how it affects relationships and their happiness.

One of the things which is seen in a totally different way is sex!

Many men can just fancy sex, with the object of their desire being a secondary factor.

Hence men who have no wife or girlfriend eager to please can ring a brothel or massage parlour, get an idea of what they are like - i.e busty blonde, and decide this is good enough without having any relationship with them or even meeting them before hand and with no intention of getting to know them as people.

They would not care if her mother was dying of cancer or her dog needs to be rushed to the vet, or she has a toothache or she has trouble with her neighbours, she is just there to satisfy him and will not exist after unless he wants to repeat it.

Hence when a man sees a woman and fancies her it is all about the visual, looks, nothing to do with her having a fantastic sense of humour or high i.q, interesting job or loving animals.

Women tend to care about the people they want to touch, hold, cuddle and fuck, they tend to see it as something which is part of the whole relationship even if casual, something they will repeat, and even if it is casual they still care about the guy and want to spend time with him apart from just for sex.

Many men have told me that their wives or girlfriends have gone off of sex and are now frigid.

It is hard to keep a straight face when told this because their women are often young, attractive, sexy, vibrant and got a healthy appetite, they have just lost interest in that particular guy.

Only a guy would believe that if his woman no longer wants HIM it is not personal and it is the same with all men!

She might make excuses and say she has a headache or her period somehow lasts for two weeks but excuses is all they are.

Cavemen will assume that there are slutty girls who go with anyone and good girls who only go with their husband or boyfriend.

If they ring a sex chat line they really believe that Ethel aged 78 is Carol 28 the woman she is pretending to be while she relieves men over the phone for money she needs to pay her gas bill that month.

It never occurs to them that to Ethel it is just a way to get enough to pay the bills and a laugh or to relieve the boredom of the day so he believes that there are other women out there who are beautiful, young, sexy and gorgeous just waiting for him to come along and "give her one".

His logic disappears because as any logical person would know the more beautiful and desirable someone is the more offers they get and the more fussy they can be, they will not be waiting and hoping that an ugly old married man will want them...

or that any man would just want to use them as some sort of blow up doll.

Some sex chat lines work by making money out of the naivety of such men.

Advertising that a fantastic and young woman is still a virgin and desperate to meet someone - looks, age and marital status irrelevant and charging the men to ring and listen and leave a message that she will never be interested in.

Of course if this woman really existed there are far better ways she could meet someone.

Some silly men choose their lovers by looks only where women are far more likely to look at the whole package and also take into account if he is good company, got a good job, got a nice manner etc.

Hence there are trophy wives chosen for their looks, style and dress sense but where there is little romantic or emotional bond, more of a business arrangement.

A recent client was a wealthy man of approximately sixty who was going through a divorce.

His divorce was definite and he did not want to be alone so he found a dating site and tried to meet a new partner.

He wanted one who was much younger and good looking, he did not care about anything else, he was not at all interested in paying for casual sex yet he wanted casual sex and after a few months he proudly told me this had worked.

Despite my warnings and advice he continued to see her.

Eventually he admitted to me that she was hooked on drugs, so were her two teenage sons, she was very rough, always swearing shouting and getting drunk, and he was now heavily into debt because she only came to him and spent time with him when she wanted a lot of money to pay for their drugs.

If he had not been so obsessed with getting sex off a younger woman he would never have bothered with her, he normally avoided rough people altogether.

So despite the warnings and his choices he did end up paying for casual sex but with someone very rough who gave him a lot of hassle.

If he had been more realistic and less egotistical he would have asked himself why a woman who was so much younger was interested in a man who was so much older.

It is quite ironic that some men think it is fine to only want a woman for her body / sex but be outraged if she only wants him for his money.

Yes there are men who are just after sex and some will lie through their teeth to try to get it, fewer women are just looking for sex and it is far easier for them to find it with so many men eager to avoid paying in a brothel, massage parlour or call girl's apartment.

Women tend to think ahead and plan and hope for things with their man, which is why I get so many clients come to me upset, worried and confused when they did not get the much expected phone call.

They can sometimes get it totally out of proportion as though it is the end of the World, forgetting that he may well ring soon and that there are lots of other men out there or that they hardly knew this man and were getting far too keen and far too serious far too quickly.

In fact a woman who gets very serious quickly can be very off putting to a man, especially one who wants something casual.

Some women make the mistake of falling madly in love with their new man or the idea of love and ignoring and being too busy for their friends while they are all wrapped up in it, only contacting their friends when their man is busy, letting the man totally rule their life as to when they spend time together or what they do when apart where a man can get things more in proportion normally.

Males tend to meet up with their male friends and just speak superficially about their relationship or lack of it and then move on to the weather, that good film that was on television last night or their great new curry recipe, but women can bore other women to tears with their fears and hopes about their new relationship going into each and every trivial detail, which is why far more women consult me, Beth Shepherd a proven, tried and tested qualified psychic clairvoyant and medium, relationship expert and healer at

Women can look for a variety of things in their relationship, some are elderly and wanting a man as a convenience to mow the lawn, wash the windows, take them to the doctor and feed the cat when they are not feeling well.

Younger women tend to be looking for romance, love, friendship, fun and a stable, permanent, long lasting reliable relationship.

It is unusual for a man to consult me about a relationship issue and when they do they usually get it more in proportion than the average drama queen.

They can get upset and worried but they will still continue with their normal life and not let it take over or get suicidal over it.

The average man is able to put the various things in their life into compartments and when one goes wrong they wait for something to improve, do what they can to improve it and/or concentrate on something else they can do stuff to improve.

The same can be said for some females, the ones who are very independent, resourceful, capable, own their own business or have a great career, because it is this attitude that makes them winners.

Some big differences between men and women are about relationships and sex, but there are many more, more on those later, this is just the tip of the iceberg.