Everyone spills things on their clothes and some of these things don't just come of in the wash.

Here are 12 ways to make those stains vanish.

1. COFFEE ☕️

This happens to so many people where they're walking or driving with their coffee in their hand and it spills all over your clothes.

Use baking soda to get it out.


Whether it's because your arms rubbed your shirt as you were putting it on or the fabric just rubbed the wrong way, it's annoying to have deodorant stains on your clothes.

There are two ways to get that irritating stain out.

The first one is anti-static or dryer sheets.

Rub the dryer sheet against the stain and it will disappear.

The other way is to use denim.

4. OIL 🍔

Oil can be tough to get out of fabric but there is an easy way to remove the stain.

Use chalk on the stain and it will go away in no time.

5. BLOOD 💉

It could be from a cut you got or you leaked while on your period.

Either way it hard to get blood out of clothing.

But not with this simple trick.

Pour hydrogen peroxide on the stain.


Gregor both grease and fat you can use the same thing to remove the stain;

clear soda.

For example Sprite, 7up, or Fresca.


Most people, when they spill red wine, will freak out since it is known to stain.

But don't worry there are two ways to tackle these stains.

You can use salt or white wine.

8. SWEAT 💦

Everyone sweats so sweat stains can happen to anyone.

The cure to these nasty stains is lemon juice.


Fell down in the field in your new pair of jeans?

No problem.

Just use vinegar and your pants will be back to brand new.

10. INK🖋

Sometimes you can get ink on your clothes.

It could be from your pen that started to leak or you dropped it onto you legs.

Anyway it happens there's a way to fix it.

Just use milk to get rid of that stain.


You could've put a shirt on while wearing lipstick or accidentally wiped you mouth but it's alright since it's easy to get rid of.

One way is wiping it with baby wipes.

If you don't have baby wipes you could use alcohol.


It's actually simple to remove makeup from clothes.

You can use shaving cream to wipe the stain away.

I hope these tips help you.

If I forgot any write them in the comments.