How to gain authority in a working environment


Authority in the workplace makes a great impact on how we are treated at work and influences our efficiency.

Besides obvious tips like dressing for success, having great hair maintenance and being self-confident, there are some vital facts you should know and implement.

1. Stop worrying whether youโ€™re liked or not

Although you should be friendly and tolerant, you canโ€™t become everyoneโ€™s friend.

Experienced managers would tell there are decisions which are not liked by everybody, and these are not great to maintain a friendship;

therefore, you should conduct yourself in the most confident and professional manner.

You will get appreciation and will be taken more seriously.

2. Address others properly

You should keep track of your tone when you speak to others.

A strong and even tone is the best one for being direct and informative.

To enhance that, stop using the filler words and donโ€™t mess up the sense of a statement (for example, donโ€™t end up with a question mark if it is an affirmative sentence).

3. Listen more

Donโ€™t try to fill the silences with chatter and donโ€™t rush to answer all the questions and quizzes.

Taking time to answer shows your attitude to listen and think of a decent response.

Being a good listener gives the respect to your co-workers.

Take their comments to know whether you sound offensive or not.

Donโ€™t turn defensive when someone is challenging your authority.

Engaging the defensive mode means less confidence.

Stick up for your words and decisions in a temperate manner.