10 tips that make him love you more

Relationships take work from both people, but improving your relationship doesn’t have to be a painful slog of a process.

Improving your communication and tweaking your behaviors as a couple can take your love story from sweet to stratospheric.

1. Laugh, smile and be happy!

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself as much as possible and let it show.

The happier you are, and the more you smile and laugh, the more beautiful you are and the more your boyfriend will be drawn to your positive vibes.

2. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Make a big deal out of planning a short holiday away with the girls.

He will begin to miss you before you have even parted!

Then while you are away, keep in touch, but make it brief.

Don’t give away too many details about what you have been doing, let his imagination do the talking, and feed it with sexual tit-bits to get his sexual desire for you churning – tell him you miss his kisses and cuddles, that sort of thing.

3. Access his heart through his stomach

It is a cliche that works.

All men appreciate good grub, but if you want him to sit up and take notice then you have to make cooking for him into a bit of an occasion.

This doesn’t mean a fancy seven-course candle-lit mean though.

It means avoiding the kitchen in general so that when you do cook a slap-up meal, it will seem like a special event and your man will think you’re amazing.

4. Ask for his help

Men love to feel needed, so another tip on how to make him love you more is to ask for his help, when you need it.

Whether it’s carrying something, opening a jar or some advice about a problem at work, don’t struggle on your own with it, get his help.

He will feel more wanted, if you do.

5. Don’t forget the little gestures

Remind him that you are there for him and that you are willing to help.

If he’s doing something really boring, that has to be done, then perhaps he’d appreciate a bit of company, or just bring him a drink, when he’s working.

Being supportive and helping where you can, will always help to bring you closer together.

6. Reach Him Deeply

What makes you irreplaceable in the eyes of your man?

Your ability to reach deep into the depths of who he is and inspire him.

To put it more bluntly, you must offer something that is much rarer and valuable than sex if you want him to treat you as something important in his life.

I mean… duh, right?

And yet this obvious truth gets distorted and overlooked.

7. Go bra-less

It might seem a bit crazy, especially is you’re top-heavy, but if you can afford to do every once in a while, you will be sure to get his immediate attention!

And by the way, I’m not just talking about taking your bra off in bed, I’m talking about not wearing a bra underneath your clothes during the day, so that your nipples show through when there is a draft, and there is a bit of extra bounce when you strut down the street next him!

8. Put Energy Into the Right Places

If you’re still stuck in feeling needy and out of control, you’re not going to see the necessity of bringing that value to the relationship because you’ll still be fixated on your own worries, your fears, your insecurities.

And with that fixation, you won’t be able to put energy into the relationship, you’ll have wasted all your energy needlessly worrying about stuff.

9. Give him a hug

If he’s feeling down, then give him a big hug and whisper, ‘I love you’, in his ear, this is another easy tip on how to make him love you more.

Let him know that you care and bring some light into his day, and he will love and appreciate you for it.

That’s the kind of reassuring love that men really do value.

10. Revive old scents

Scents can have a powerful effect on memory.

The familiar smell of leather can transport you straight back to all the fun times you had making out in your first boyfriend’s posh car.

The smell of fish and chips can take you back to dirty weekends away by the coast.

Try digging out an old perfume or shampoo you used to use when you and your boyfriend first started dating.