Flower Your Buttocks - Yoga's Key To a Happy Life!


1. Practicing yoga will make you happy - and here's how

Instead of agonizing over our pitiful existence (by stressing, worrying or simply freaking out) cut right through to its essence, by following these simple Yoga truths (while at the same time toning your butt):

Pure Potentiality

Take some time every day to just be.

Do it in form of meditation, by allowing yourself to observe the beauty of things around you (see the flower, smell the flower, be the flower), or by cultivating stillness of the mind, as you move through your yoga postures.

Accept yourself as you are (with age, a little bit fluffier, a little bit rounder, and none the wiser) and shine your collarbones right into the sky.

Giving and Receiving

Wherever you go offer a gift (and we don’t mean monetary bribe here), disguised as a smile, compliment, or an encouraging word.

Give out of love and happiness, but make sure it’s unconditional and straight from your heart (keeping in mind the proverb: Who spits against the wind, fouls his beard!).

Remember that as long as you are in the habit of giving, you will receive, as well.

During your yoga practice, acknowledge the giving and receiving of breath and life force that flows through your body, and imagine your thighbones as rainbows, spiraling gently outwards.


Be a witness to all decisions you make in your day.

Be conscious of the choices you make by asking yourself: β€œWhat are the consequences of my decisions, and will this choice create happiness for myself and others?” While performing your poses, trust your intuition as well, and be a witness as to the stage of the posture that’s right for you.

Now it’s time to let your anus blossom!

Least Effort

Accept this very moment, as it is, and not how you wish it were.

Let go of blaming others for your circumstances and relinquish your need to defend your point of view (Namaste, bitches!).

On your yoga mat, accept your body as it is.

Although you may desire it to be different, know that it’s is exactly how the universe wanted it to be.

Give up the struggle and find acceptance, while flowering your buttocks brightly to the sides.

Intention and Desire

Enjoy every moment of your life, and let go of being attached to an outcome.

Trust the power of your intention to handle the details of your desires (Hear that ice cream truck outside?

Acknowledge it, then let it go!).

While practicing yoga, remain present in the postures, and cultivate present moment awareness to harness all that you desire.

Fold over and let your brain spill out of your head!


Remain open to an infinite amount of possibilities, and become content with uncertainty.

When you accept uncertainty, solutions to your problems will easily surface, as you are no longer rigid and attached (bye, bye ice cream truck).

On the mat, cultivate an attitude of innocence and curiosity.

Maintain a calm and centered self, and let go of your need for control, all this while gently spreading your camel toes.


Ask yourself daily: β€œHow can I be of service to others?” Express your unique talents, and share them for the benefit of humanity.

During practice, allow yoga to release any blockages in your life that are holding you back or preventing you from embracing your life’s purpose.

Most importantly, offer yourself to a higher power and thoroughly juice your spine!

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