Oh Those MTV Movie Awards...


well hello hello hello!

i'm coming to you from a 'blogger viewing room' over at the MTV movie awards - i really had no clue what to expect but i figured i would at least head over and see what was going!

this year the show is being held over the gibson amphitheatre which is part of the whole universal studios complex - a five minute drive from popbytes' humble abode!

although they've placed a bunch of restrictions on us bloggers - including no cameras - when i first arrived i was way annoyed - i kept thinking what the hell is the point of inviting us down?!?

i seriously could have easily done what i'm doing from the comfort of my own living room but thankfully i ran into ms.

lisa from a socialite's life who is always a blast to hang around - so we've been busy catching up on both celebrity &

personal gossip!

i've also met some other great people including marjorie (meevee), hallie (tmz), kimmy (ivillage), and elina (laist) ms.

silverman is about to take to the stage - i'll be back with more...stay tuned!

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