Madonna's True Love: Bodas Shirts!

Let’s forget about Madonna’s alleged affair with A-Rod, her divorce with Guy Ritchie and her growing-ugly custody battle for the kids – and focus on her fashion faves – at least for a little while.

When she’s not wearing one-of-a-kind designer outfits, what does the Material Girl prefer to have on?

It’s none other than the #cotton tees from British brand Bodas.

According to People, Madge’s assistants reveal the 50-year old singer’s love affair with the ultra-comfy cotton tees.

She wears them to work out, to run errands, to go out — she loves them for everyday….

she wears them out, and then her assistant comes in and buys five more.”

- People

Wow, that’s a lot of tees for everyday use!

If you want to get your piece of Madonna’s fashion sense – check out the official site of Bodas.

They have a collection of 95% cotton and 100% cotton tees – which come in short-sleeve crew necks, short-sleeve scoop necks and #scoop neck tank tops.

Photo Credit: People Stylewatch