Keep Cool! Heat Wave Sweeps the U.S. ...

With temperatures across the U.S.

spiking into the 100s, and some as high as 110 degrees, it's official: it's a heat wave!

The rising temperatures mean we all have to keep in mind some heat-related safety tips.

First, don't ever leave kids or pets in the car!

It's literally hot enough to bake in there, even after just a minute or two.

NEVER, ever leave kids in the car β€” EVER!

And always keep well-hydrated.

Keep a bottle of water with you, and drink from it often.

You may not feel thirsty, but drink it anyway!

Also, avoid fueling your car or

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To avoid brown-outs (rolling power outages), turn your thermostat up a few degree β€” even this little bit can make a big difference.

Stay safe, stay cool...

and hopefully this heat wave will be over soon!

Photo Credit: feef