50. Crab Meat

Crab Meat

Calories per serving: 160 in 1 cup cooked crab

Of course this isn't a very pocket friendly addition to your diet (if it is, oh how I'm jealous!) but it's okay to indulge in this crustacean once in a while.

They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin E and Vitamin B-12.

Few things that taste this good are also this healthy.

What do you know, there is a God after all!


This list works well for those who are watching their diet, too.

Remember that if you would like to reach your weight gain (or weight loss) goals, learning as much information as you can about the food items that you pile on your grocery cart helps a lot.2

It's all a matter of choice on whether you would like to pack on a few more pounds to be a la-J Lo, or if you would rather shed off the excess weight and strictly watch your diet.

It's important to know about high calorie foods, no matter what your weight or your goals.

Being comfortable with your body and being happy with what you're eating is what's important.

Remember that being obsessed with counting the calories that you consume will only work if you know exactly how calories are being used up by your body.

When you eat a big fat, juicy burger, for example, there is no need to burn off ALL those calories in one super-intense exercise session.

Your body does need to retain some calories to serve as a fuel to the normal functions of the heart and the lungs, so some high calorie foods are essential.

So long, bellas!

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