Hide Your PJs with a Modern Twist


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We know that after spending $&*#^&@ dollars on that gorgeous little nightie that you wear to bed, the last thing you want to do is hide it away. However, if perchance you happen to wear ratty old flannel PJs to sleep, you might want to invest in Modern Twist's PJ Pocket Pillow.

The PJ Pocket Pillow is a handmade fabric pillow inspired by a Japanese anemone box that actually opens up with a quick twist to hold/hide things inside. It can be used on the bed to hold PJs, or elsewhere around the house to hold remote controls, slippers, or even kid's toys. The box comes in a number of subtle patterns, one of which has to match your decor. It doesn't exactly go with my bedding set, but I love the orange PJ Pocket Pillow printed with white elephants (pictured at right, bottom of the stack).

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