Henry Cuir 'Insaisissable Poem' Tote is Beautiful beyond Words


I couldn't stop admiring this bag, and I'm still kicking myself for shopping my silly brain out last month - now I can't afford this one even if I starved myself for who knows how long!

How cool/gorgeous/sexy/classy is that Italian script on this beautifully colored leather tote!

I love the whimsical additions of red and blue (and yellow and green) beads of color, the simple clasp, and the...

screw it, I can't describe it well enough to do it justice.

I love it all.

Who wants to a hire a fashion-blogging, handbag-lovin' California girl for US$1,495 (so I can get this Henry Cuir 'Insaisissable Poem' tote!), to do all your bidding?

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