Helpless Dogs and Cats Are Crying for Your Help!


I am sure you all have seen the ASPCA commercial, where they show dogs who shiver with fear when people approach them.

Can you imagine how abused these dogs and cats were..? I am sure this ad did not leave anyone indifferent...

It does not take much to help these poor animals, just pick your way to do so before it's too late...

Here are the fast ways to help:

1. Donate Now

Donate Now

Become an ASPCA member and donate just as little as $25 a month for the food and medications for the animals who were rescued.

2. Report Animal Cruelty

Report Animal Cruelty

We all can contribute if we do not keep our mouth shut the next time we see or hear our neighbor hurt the poor animal.

Your confession can save little guy's life, please do speak up!

3. Adopt an Animal That Was Abused

Adopt an Animal That Was Abused

It does not take a big heart to buy and love a cute healthy puppy of a fancy breed.2

But taking an adult dog, or a handicapped kitten that was tortured by its previous owner - that's a step worth a real Human Being.

I assure you, the animal you adopt will love you a thousand times more than any other, because you will be the one who gave him/her a second chance at life, and unlike people, animals never forget that.

The most astonishing animal I know is a big beautiful dog Joe, who looks very much alike the dog in the picture.

He was saved from cruelty and neglect by Jim R., a great man and a former captain from North Florida.

The dog he saved is the sweetest dog I've ever seen, and he is so full of life and trust in people now...

Adopt an Animal That Was Abused

It's hard to believe he has been running around the neighborhood all dirty and skiny, when the previous owners just threw him out...

Dear reader, please, do not hesitate to help abused animals, like Joe, before it's too late!2

For these little guys who suffer, every minute counts...

Thank you so much for your help!

By taking this pledge you will help to pass legal documents that would stop animal cruelty for good.

Photo Credit: ASPCA, XmicheleonelX

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