Heart Attack Kills Model Eliana Ramos, Sister of Luisel Ramos


Sadly another life has been taken from a beautiful young model. Sisters Eliana Ramos,18, and Luisel Ramos,22, had more in common than blood and careers. They both suffered from anorexia. Eliana was found dead in her grandparents home in Montevideo, Uruguay on Tuesday, she had died from what appeared to be a heart attack. When Luisel died at age 22 she was just 98 pounds at 5 foot 9, which gave her a BMI of 14.5. The World Health Organization considers a BMI of 16 an indication of starvation. Her sister Elania is listed as 5′9″ also, and is listed as a US size 4 on her profile on Fashion Model’s Directory, but her weight is not listed and it’s unknown if that information is out of date. Something drastic has to be done to stop this obsession with being rail thin. It does not set a good example for young girls and it is unrealistic, as we are sadly learning with the death of young models.


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