8 Great Charities from around the World …


Charities make a great contribution to the world at large.

Some charities help and support underprivileged people or people who have been victims of disaster and tragedy.

Some others work at protecting and our animals.

Some others work towards addressing environmental issue and protecting the planet.

Here is a list of 8 great charities from around the world that have made a big difference and continue to do so.


UNICEF is one of these great charities from around the world that have made a tremendous difference by the work they have accomplished.

UNICEF is committed to ensuring that the rights of every child in the world are protected and realized.

2. Amnesty International

Amnesty International has taken great strides in ensuring that human rights around the world are protected.

They have local chapters in many different communities around the world and have done a lot to uplift those who are not able to exercise their basic human rights.

3. A Safe World for Women

A Safe World for Women is a global women’s right and advocacy organization committed to ensure that trafficking and abuse of women is brought to a stop.

They have undertaken many successful campaigns to ensure that women and girls are able to access their rights.2

4. Greenpeace

The stated mission of Greenpeace is to conserve the environment and promote peace.

For many years, they have undertaken many campaigns to serve both ends and have managed to make a big difference to the communities they have made their presence felt in.

5. Heifer International

The purpose of Heifer International is to end world hunger and poverty.

They work with local communities around the world to improve their standard of living and improving the earth.

6. World Wildlife Fund

The WWF is certainly one of the great charities from around the world.

They are continuously involved with the protection of our planet’s wildlife and their habitat.

Their work is largely responsible for getting people’s attention to those who share our planet with us.

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