15 Tips on Getting Back to Exercise Routine after a Break ...

Maybe you got sick or injured, or got bored, or went on vacation, or just got too busy at work or at schoo, the point is you havenโ€™t gone back to your exercise routine after a breakl.

Whatever the reason, you havenโ€™t worked out in a while and youโ€™re missing your routine.

But how can you possibly get motivated after such a long break?

Here are my top 15 tips on getting back to your exercise routine after a break

1. Re-evaluate the Time and Place

Re-evaluate the Time and Place

Did you stop going to your gym because it was out of your way, or because their hours didnโ€™t support your schedule?

If this is the case, then you may want to join another gym, one thatโ€™s closer to home or to work or school.

It would also help to decide when to go, and make it the same time each day.

I go every morning, directly after I drop my little one off at school.

If the gym wasnโ€™t right there, or if they werenโ€™t open when I drop her off, Iโ€™d have to go somewhere else.

Find a gym that is open at a time you know youโ€™ll go there, and that you have to drive right past.

If you have to drive past it every day, youโ€™ll think about it more, right?

Also, if you find youโ€™re too tired to work out on the way home from school or work, then plan to do it before your day begins.

Use no excuses because it is time you get back to your exercise routine after a break.

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