Fendi Multicolor Spy Satchel


I spy…a #bag that’s not so cute. Fendi has a way of making almost anything, from the weirdest materials to the most unlikely color combinations, #look great - but on the new Multicolor Spy Satchel, it’s just not happening. If handbags were dessert, this would certainly be the tastiest item on the menu - it features a yummy-sounding combination of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and caramel colored lamb leather. But the fun stops there, because the end result is a rather unfortunate-looking Spy. The only thing I like is the little retro Fendi logo on the wristlet zipper tab. And somehow that alone doesn’t seem to be worth $1280. Oh, well. You win some, you lose some. Looks like Fendi lost this one. Available for pre-order at Saks.

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