Ed Hardy Tattoos for Dogs

Have you heard of Ed Hardy?

He is one of the most well-respected tattoo artists in the world, and with good reason.

His designs are hot, energetic and colorful.

They consist of adrenaline-pumped cartoons with hot-rod expressions and personalities, fit for die-hard tattoo-junkies and art-lovers, alike.

Now, both the trendy-conscious and the fashion-lover can partake in Hardy’s brilliant artwork thanks to a collaboration with Von Dutchclothing.

And best of all, they haven’t left Fido out of the mix.

Ed Hardy’s Pet Lineconsists of comfy, rhinestone-studded T-shirts and cool Pet Carriers—all in coordinating colors.

Celebrities like Madonna and Britney Spears, and have been spotted wearing the Ed Hardy fashions, and now your pooch can be, too!