Ditch the Perfume and Body Lotion


Can you imagine not wearing perfume and body lotion any longer?

I mean those are two important beauty items in a woman’s life.

Most of us care about how we smell and our skin’s softness or lack thereof.

Well, Origins Birthday Suit is a body spray that moisturizes our skin (think glorified baby oil sans the oil), plus a sweet, refreshing fragrance of spearmint, wintergreen, lemon and lavender.2

Who needs a perfume and body cream when this little spray does the trick?

With a few mists all over your body, you’ll instantly smell lovely and your skin will look and feel silky smooth.

It’s perfect to use right after a shower when you skin is still a bit damp- that way, your skin will absorb it more.

Someone will probably ask you;

Mmm what is it that you’re wearing?

It smells wonderful!

You can simply respond by saying, oh, my Birthday Suit.

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