Dear Fashion Kitty

I was hoping you could help me.

On December 27, 2006 or December 29, 2006, Jessica

Simpson was pictured with her #hair stylist, Ken Paves and her fashion stylist, Jessica Pastor going into an L.A.

club called Social.

She was wearing an adorable black patterned mini dress.

The mini dress had a black ribbon that tied in the front underneath the bustline.

You can go to "Popsugar" website and see Jessica pictured in this dress.

There's also a picture of her in this dress in this week's "OK" magazine.

In the November 6, 2006 issue of "OK" magazine, Ashlee Simpson was wearing a "top" version of this dress.

Can you find out the designer of this cute dress and where I can buy it?

I appreciate it!!!

Thank you!!!

I am not sure what the designer of this dress is, readers if you know please drop it in the comment box.

But here is a cute alternative: Just slip on a black turtle neck on underneath,

black tights/ leggings and a satin ribbon belt!

Oh so hot and better than Jess if you ask me.