Crystal Gayle Still Rockin' Her Long Hair!


good evening! i finally made it to the beach today but it was a little chilly for my taste and a drop overcast - i trekked all the way down very early in the morning to san diego to go to torrey pines state beach (a totally awesome beach) which was about a two hour drive down but like a 3.5 hour drive back - oh my gosh traffic on the I5 interstate was a total drag! the most color i got was on my right shoulder simply from driving! i think next time i'm going to try something a bit more local like malibu!

instead of the usual drama with britney spears (who is currently flushing her career down the toilet...) or lindsay lohan (who last i heard is cleaning her own toilet - oh the horror!) let's check in with crystal gayle - my main childhood memory of her revolves around the super long hair she was always rockin'! plus who doesn't agree that her mega hit don't it make my brown #eyes blue (a performance is posted below) is one of the best songs ever?!? tonight as i was doing a little research on ms. gayle - i found out that she's loretta lynn's sister - maybe that's something everybody already knows but not me - what a cool ass pair of sisters - my little pop discovery of the day! anyways both sisters are still doing their thing - and recently crystal was performing in las vegas - and guess what?!? her hair is still as long as ever! ok i do adore her but something about really long hair sorta freaks me out - does anyone else agree? i know it's her novelty but i think it could be #time for a haircut...

here's a funny quick story (for me at least) since i'm feeling all 'chatty cathy' tonight (hello red wine!) in college my pal judee had really long hair - she asked me to cut off about an inch but i'm not very good at that sort of thing (don't ever ask me to give you a trim) i cut it all uneven & messy - i had to keep cutting off more to make it even - i think subconsciously my feelings about long hair came up - before you know it her #hair was like shoulder length! although she was kinda angry - it actually looked great and made her #look thinner & younger! i hope that secretly deep down inside she loved it too! i have to check in with her (she's in el paso texas) it has been years!

#below is a recent picture of ms. gayle with her #long hair plus an old cover of people magazine (june 5th '78) which featured sisters crystal & loretta! plus the vintage video is pretty great of crystal singing her classic tune! thanks for bearing with me with this overly long post! although i don't cover all the latest gossip - i hope you guys enjoy my editorial picks & commentary (which i often agonize over what to post on) i still can't believe that next month (sept 12th) will mark popbytes' 4th year! to be 100% honest - after doing this for so long it does become very tiring but seriously i wouldn't give it up for anything! much love to all as always - popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!