Could You Go a Year without a Mirror?


Bride-to-be and Ph.D.

candidate Kjerstin Gruys has sworn off looking at mirrors for a year.

Would you, could you, go a year without a mirror?

Gruys decided to take the one-year reflection hiatus to see if it would lead to a better self-image and greater self-acceptance.

She's documenting her mirror-less year on her blog, Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall, where we found this photo of her without makeup...

isn't she lovely?

According to recent studies, most women look at a mirror about 70 times a day...

imagine how much time you'd have for other things if you weren't worried about hair and make-up!2

I don't think I could do it.

I'm far too vain.

But here's to Kjerstin...

you go, girl!

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