Can't Wait for Nancy Drew


You guys are the only ones I'm telling this to.

I am actually looking forward to seeing Nancy Drew this Friday.

I will probably take a long lunch, disguise myself, and not tell anyone, but I'll be there.

I don't know why I'm so interested.

Maybe it's nostaglia or maybe it's the fact I like cheesy, feel good movies.

I might be the only one, besides Mary-Kate and Ashley, who watched New York Minute.

By the looks of the reviews, I won't have trouble finding a seat in the theatre.2

Grouchoreviews said, "The new film is OK for the most undiscriminating of tween girls, but nostalgia seekers should run back to their own bookshelves. said the decisions behind this film are a mystery.

But last week in Minneapolis people were lined up...

Maybe it had more to do with Emma Roberts than the movie, but tell me what you think.

Hide behind your screen names and let me know if you're waiting in anticipation or if I'm crazy.2

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