Bruce Willis Likes Them Young


52-year-old Bruce Willis is reportedly dating 23-year-old Playmate Tamara Witmer, who's only five years older than his daughter Rumer.

Tamara says:

"He's got the sexiest voice!" she says.

"He's so smooth and suave.

I don't mind the bald head.

He's really good looking in person."

As long as she's cool with it then so am I.2

If you can show me a 52-year-old that would turn this down I'll show you a 52-year-old that's a homosexual.

Or maybe lost his penis in a war.

Or dead.

Heck, I'll show you a dead 52-year-old anyway.

Buried under my house!

Hyuk hyuk.

A few more shots of Tamara Witmer after the jump.

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