Brangelina Descend on Cannes


The Cannes Film Fest took on a whole new level of celebrity with the arrival of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on Sunday. The couple attended a press conference for A Mighty Heart, where Jolie admitted she had some fears about portraying the role of Mariane Pearl. "I was very, very nervous to get it right," she said. "Mariane seems to think we've done all right." The ubercouple and their four children are staying in a villa at the exclusive Hotel du Cap. "We got here yesterday and we had a beautiful day with our kids," Jolie said. "We've been playing with them since the moment we landed, and we plan to go home to them as soon as we are done with this." Pitt attended the conference as producer of the film, and said of the project, "It was our goal to see this thing through. And to fight hatred... As a father, too, I look at my kids and realize they will inherit this world. And we want to do everything we can to throw our weight in and make it a little bit better."


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