Beth Hart @ the Roxy on Sunset!


good evening!

last week i was beyond thrilled after i finally got to see beth hart (join her on myspace) play live - and let me tell you - she is the real deal!2

after being turned onto her by my pal jaime (who i'm seeing after almost six years tomorrow!) i totally fell in love with her '99 album screamin' for my supper (and i've recently picked up her other albums which are equally excellent - leave the lights on &

37 days) ever since then i knew she would have to rock live - beth fulfilled my expectations above &

beyond - she was superb!

since the show did land on a wednesday - overall my mood along w/ my pal sam was fairly mellow but that was totally ok...i needed something along those lines (besides it was at my favorite local venue - every time i go to the roxy on sunset - i have an excellent time) the show wasn't exactly dancing on chairs but i had a swell time and if ms.

hart decides to play los angeles again anytime soon - i'm so there!3

popbytes over &

out for tonight...xxoo!

(i've posted an amazing video below of beth's performance at paradiso in amsterdam of her singing l.a.

song - a totally kick-ass track and you've probably heard it before!)

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