40 Best Romantic Songs + Video Clips

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There are certain things we New Yorkers can count on as we prepare for the winter months that lay ahead: cold temperatures, snow, gusty winds, shorter days, and a general longing to stay indoors.

However, a few #things you can also count on during winter months are warm fire places, spiced apple cider, guilt free lazy weekends, and the attempt to date the same person all winter in an effort to not have to troll for men in the freezing cold.

Come on ladies, you know itโ€™s true!

Now in case youโ€™re wondering if men feel the same way, I have been told a number of times (by men) that a winter romance is desired by them too.

Even if youโ€™re attached, keeping the romance sizzling all winter long can be a little taxing.

Music seems to make everything a little better, so make sure your iPod is up to date with a โ€œromantic songsโ€ play list.

Here are some of my favorite tunesโ€ฆ

1. At Last โ€“ Etta James