Amy Winehouse Somehow Looks Better Not Done up


Filed under: Celebrity Style

Usually, when I see a picture of a celebrity caught in her busted up PJs before her make-up routine, my eyes explode in a fit of horror.

It's not a pretty sight.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw this photo of Amy Winehouse leaving her house, looking very un-Winehouse-y.2

She still looks sickeningly skinny, but the fact that her ratty beehive isn't towering a foot above her and she doesn't have that winged eyeliner on makes a world of difference!

It doesn't look like she's wearing any make-up at all, and yet it's a major upgrade.

Gain back some of your weight, Winehouse, and you're going to have it all.

By the way, "Back to Black" is a pretty sweet album, so check it out.

I'm sure more people would appreciate her and give her music a try if she didn't scare the crap out of anyone and everyone who sees her magazine covers.

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