A Written Challenge


I know how much you all strive to keep up with what's "IN".

Not necessarily fall a slave, but it's good stuff to know.

Well, "IN" for this year is the handwritten note.

I this this Soooooooo

apropos for the nearly brides.


Invite your bridesmaids with a handwritten note?2

Thank You's for every gift you receive, the engagement ones, the shower ones, the wedding ones.

Write a personal note.

But don't stop there.

Send a note for nice things people have done for you.

The kind word they gave or the shoulder offered.

Assistance on a project or help hashing out an idea.

But don't stop there take the offensive and send a note to someone in need of a note for...

get this...

no reason at all.

A girl friend you haven't hung out with (because you're so wrapped up with wedding planning...) a sibling or your Dad.

Yeah, I know you're planning a wedding, going to law school and working full time.

That's why it means so much more.

So find some beautiful paper and WRITE.

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