8 Ways to Discover New Music ...


I love music.

Love love love it!

I’m always on the prowl for new melodies to dance to and new songs to sing horribly in the shower.

I can easily spend hours searching for great stuff to upload to my iPod.

Anyone that knows me would probably tell you that my love of music is up there with how much I love my Mom.2

Okay, maybe not that much, but definitely close.

As a music fiend, let me share my secrets!

Here are 8 ways to discover new music...

1. Music Blogs

Music Blogs

Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon

The internet is overflowing with music blogs from all over the world.3

You can find many that offer free, legal daily downloads.

No matter what your favorite genre is you can find someone, somewhere that has made it their mission to bring you the latest hit makers.

2. CD Swaps

CD Swaps

Photo Credit: FatoOoma Qatar ~

Websites like swap-bot.com or online music groups like Yahoo’s The Mix Fix can be great resources for new music.2

Depending on the swap partner you’ve been assigned you’re able to get your hands on music that hasn’t made it big in your area yet, isn’t something you’d normally listen to, or is a great underground track you haven’t heard.

If joining a group sounds like too much work, rifle through your friend’s CD collection.

She’s bound to have something that is new to you!

3. Online Music Engines

Online Music Engines

Photo Credit: Eddie James

Lala, Pandora or my personal favorite, Lastfm are great resources for new music.2

Pandora.com lets you vote on music you hear until it builds a special station tailored exactly to your likings.

Lala.com provides a wide array of music that is reasonably priced at 10 cents for streaming or 89 cents to buy as an MP3.

You can also upload your entire music library and then stream it from any computer.

Lastfm.com pays close attention to what songs you listen to and how often then makes suggestions for you.

Exclusive downloads are also available.

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