1. Set the Mood for Writing a Love Letter

Listen to love songs or sit and write in a place that makes you think of your beloved.

Whether you are writing a simple love note or a salacious piece of work, set the mood for the type of letter you are trying to come up with.

Creativity is the key to an excellent love letter.

I find that classical music helps me to think more clearly and writing comes easier when I listen to the wordless melodies.

I hope these 8 tips on writing love letters are useful in your endeavor.

Sometimes it helps to write a practice letter and go from there.

Jot down all your ideas and brainstorm for a bit before trying to get all your words to fall into the right places.

Have you successfully written a love letter in the past?2

Why do you think it was such a big success?

Feel free to add on some love letter writing tips that you think others might be able to use.

Top Photo Credit: lesterhead

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