15 Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend ...


Sometimes, when we talk to our boyfriends, we forget what to say.

I have 15 sweet things to say to your boyfriend to break that silence.

Yes, I know, these are simple things to say, but you know what – sometimes the simplest things are the words that mean the most.

1. I Think You’re Special

I Think You’re Special

Photo Credit: My Pantomime.

Your boyfriend is special, isn’t he?

Then tell him just how special you think he is.

Remind him of why you think he is so special.

2. You’re the Best

You’re the Best

He’s the best, right?

Yeah, of course he is, or you wouldn’t be dating him.

Remind him that you think he is the best thing in your life.

3. I Couldn’t Live without You

I Couldn’t Live without You

Photo Credit: riaskiff

Do you remember how Bella felt when Edward left her the first time?

Do you feel as if you would go numb all over if he left you?

Tell him how you couldn’t live without him – this will tell him just how into him you really are.

4. I Love Your Style

I Love Your Style

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His style is adorable, don’t you think?

The way he dresses just blows you away.

It makes your heart thump louder and louder every time you see him.

His style is one of the first things you noticed about him when you first met, so tell him this.

5. You’re a Cutie

You’re a Cutie

Photo Credit: GreyRaven

You know he’s cute!

So, stop blushing, don’t be so shy and look him in the eyes to tell him that he is cute.

What is it that you think is so darn cute about him?

Go into descriptions on this.

Do you like his hair?

His eyes?

His lips?

The way he acts?

Describe it.

6. You’re so Sweet

You’re so Sweet

Photo Credit: a.l.y

Do you think your boyfriend is sweet?

Go deeper into this.

Tell the boyfriend why you think he is sweet.2

What has he done for you that is so sweet.

Do you love how he hugs you every time he sees you?

Do you love his sweet smile?

The look in his eyes?

Tell him.

Descriptions go a long way.

I Love the Way You Smell
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