8 Super Models - Zero Makeup ..?

I always had this great fascination with Super Models of the 90-s and guess what I've got for you today? Yep, the pictures of the gorgeous Amber Valletta, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and other 90-s Goddesses all going naturel!

The only tricky thing is, these beauties are said to be wearing no makeup in the pictures.

But I am pretty sure Nadia, Helena and Cindy (however fabulous they are) do wear some #mascara and maybe some foundation in the pics.

But what do YOU think? Are these super models really not wearing any #makeup?

PS: I also took Anne's suggestion and added glamed up pictures of the supermodels, just to remind us how fabulous they looked in the magazines with the makeup, #hair and styling ... Thanks, Anne! :)

1. Amber Valletta - 35 Y.o. ...

Au naturel:
Amber Valletta - 35 Y.o. ... Glamed up:
Amber Valletta - 35 Y.o. ...