8 Steps for Perfect Red Lips ...


Red lipstick has always been a hit, but it’s done wrong so much that it can be too scary to try.

Done right, though, it can look gorgeous, and be the extra finishing touch to complete your look for thatfirst dateor for a fun night partying it up with the girls or for a quiet dinner with your sweetheart.

Here is my fast and easy guide to getting it right!

1. Maintenance


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Brush your teeth and do it right.

Not only will this get rid ofbad breath but will also help keep your teeth sparkling white.

If you need to, use a whitener.

It's just not a pretty sight to see red lipstick with unattractive teeth.2

2. Choose a Shade

Choose a Shade

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Different shades of red suit different people so don’t just buy the first red lippie you see!

Experiment with different shades and see what suits you best.

Also, different occasions and places require different shades.

A bright red may just not be appropriate as work makeup.

3. Vaseline


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Apply a small amount of Vaseline around your lips.

Try not to go over the edge, or to use too much!2

If you find it hard to apply, use a cotton bud lightly dipped in.

This will help soothe chapped lips and also help the lipstick stick on better.

4. Apply the Lipstick

Apply the Lipstick

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Now apply your carefully picked lipstick.

Don’t worry too much about the outside, as we’ll deal with that next, just try to give an even coverage.

5. The Trick!

The Trick!

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Use a clean cotton bud to remove the Vaseline and any lipstick that has gone of the edges of your lips.

This will give you a more professional finish, and leaves your lips looking luscious!

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