8 Perfect Winter Hobbies ...


As the nights get longer and the weather gets colder, we tend to spend more time indoors.

But what can we do to pass the time?

While it’s tempting to simply hibernate for the winter, there are lots of hobbies that are perfect for being indoors.2

Why not try some of these …

1. Painting


Photo Credit: Violet Kashi

Never mind pretty landscapes (although if you like those, you can always paint from photos).

Painting is ideal to while away the time, as you can get really engrossed in it, and produce something to enjoy long-term.

Try a class, as that will encourage you to get out of the house (but still be indoors).

2. Sewing


Photo Credit: Secret Lentil

Do you have a machine that’s been gathering dust?

Get it out and make yourself a quilt (don’t take too long, or winter will be over before you can use it!).

It’ll keep you busy for a while, and then when it’s finished you’ll have something beautiful to keep you warm.

3. Crocheting


Photo Credit: Craft & Creativity

If sewing’s not your thing, or seems too big a project, try crocheting.

This time, you can make a blanket to snuggle under, which doesn’t take as long as you might think.

The squares will soon build up, and then all you have to do is sew them together.

4. People-Watching


Photo Credit: Rita Crane Photography

This is fascinating, sitting by the window watching the world go by.

It is especially entertaining when you are dry and warm indoors, and other people are cold and wet outside.

5. Writing


Photo Credit: Frizztext

When the weather turns cold, I love to grab a notebook and head off to my favourite café to do some writing.

Sometimes being away from the home environment can be very inspiring, and I scribble down a lot of notes while enjoying a warming coffee or hot chocolate.

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