8 Foods That Flatten Your Stomach ...


Who wouldn’t want a flat, toned stomach like Gisele?

Well, there isn’t a trick exercise, or a secret tablet, but there are foods that will help you to pull off a flatter stomach.


Here are eight foods you should definitely be adding to yourgrocery shopping list...

1. Asparagus


Photo Credit: hoveringdog

Asparagus is a natural diuretic, which means it will help you to shed additional water weight, leaving you with a much skinnier stomach!

It’s also an aphrodisiac, so including it into your meals could help you to get some extra sexy exercise, too!

2. Blueberries


Photo Credit: eatzycath

Blueberries have always been known to be a superfruit, but their true powers are only just being explored.

They’ve been recently revealed to fight stomach fat, and leave you much svelter.

They aren’t in season for long, but even frozen fruits have the same effect.

Blueberry, anyone?

3. Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Photo Credit: stublog

Citrus fruits have been proven to aid digestion, which will stop you from bloating.2

Try adding lemon slices to hot water for a refreshing drink, adding lemon and limesto salads and snacking on oranges.

You’ll boost your fruit intake and help your body to digest.

Getting healthier andlooking skinnier?!

Yes please!

4. Eggs


Photo Credit: chotda

Eggs are very high in protein, and also contain vitamin B12, which mean they are great for helping your body break down and burn fats.2

They are also agreat breakfastchoice, and omelettes can be very low fat and great for lunchtime.

5. Green Tea

Green Tea

Photo Credit: Thorsten (TK)

Green tea is actually amazing at helping you burn calories. I have no idea why...it just is! So adding a few cups to your daily diet will increase your water intake and help you to burn off some of your food faster...Now I’ve just got to find a flavour I like!2

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