8 Cool Dog Breeds ...


We all love our furry little friends, but what are the cool breeds to get associated with?2

Every different type of breed has its own traits and different looks, but when it comes to picking a cool breed, it will be hard to choose.

That is why I am going to tell you my 8 cool dog breeds in this world today!

8. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

Photo Credit: grilleddaffy

With this typical breed, you will find they look very good in sunglasses….

You will find that they have neat blue eyes that makes every dog lovers heart melt.

They come in many different colors.

They can be black and white, orange, white, and all the way black colored.

These dogs are known for sled dogs and consider to be in the working class.

If you want a cool dog, this one is defiantly the number one on my list.

7. Dalmatian


Photo Credit: erl_nilsen

We all know the movie 101 Dalmatian's and that what makes this breed very special.

They have spotted skin with black and white poke o dots.

You won't find any other cooler dog then this one.

They also are known to be very easy to train and known to win championships.

6. Bloodhound


Photo Credit: wkwdllc

The bloodhound is the coolest hound breed yet!

They are the perfect dog for hunting and sitting on the porch.

They are one of the calmest dog breeds out.

They also are very protective of their owner and make perfect guard dogs.2

This breed is also used for sniffing bombs and finding people or for state prisons.

5. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

Photo Credit: mikebaird

Another famous dog breed is the cocker spaniel for the lady and the tramp.

These dogs are known for it's neat looking fur and being a good companion.2

They need some practice being train, because they can be stubborn.

However, they still learn fast.

Alaskan Malemute
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