8 Best Hair-Care Products for Kids ...

If you have kids, then you know they need something different to care for their #hair than we do. They don't need special shmpoo for color-treated or dry hair, they need something to get out peanut butter, be tear-free, and help with bed-head! Not sure what to try? Here's my list of the eight best hair-care products for kids!

1. Suave for Kids 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, & Bodywash, Wacky Melon

Price: $4.99 at drugstore.com
It's shampoo, it's conditioner, it's body-wash, it's watermelon-scented, and it has monkeys on the bottle! What more could a busy mom ask for? Oh, right — it's also opthamologist tested so it's gentle on the #eyes. Use this for head-to-toe cleansing and conditioning... and a #little bit really goes a long, long way!